The DUI Law Firm of Jon Woolsey only handles DUI cases and charges related to DUI Arrests.

We do not handle…

Domestic Violence or Drug Possession or Cultivation of MJ or Transportation or Sale of Controlled Substances. We don’t do Family Law, Wills and Estates or Trusts.
We don’t handle Sex Offenses, Property or Theft Crimes, Weapon Offenses or White Collar Crimes. We don’t do Gang Offenses or Internet Crimes…We don’t do anything that is not DUI-related, period.

We are single-minded and focused on the practice and defense of DUI cases…

involving alcohol and drugs. We do this because in order to handle DUI cases right your attorney must be trained in all of the disciplines that these cases rely upon to charge and convict a person for the crime.

  • Jon Woolsey is certified to perform Field Sobriety Tests according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…the originator and gold standard for field-testing.
  • Jon is certified as a Drug Recognition Evaluator according to the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • Jon is certified in Gas Chromatography & Forensic Science as it relates to the testing of blood for alcohol according the Axion Labs standard.
  • Jon is a member of the National Association of DUI Lawyers, the California DUI Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

No other Sonoma County attorney even comes close Jon Woolsey’s expertise, training and experience in the field of DUI’s.

  • We Are Focused on Field Testing for Alcohol and Drug Recognition Evaluation for Drug Impairment
  • We Are Focused on Breath & Blood Testing and the Analytical Chemistry and Scientific Foundation of Evidence
  • We Are Focused on the Very Complex World of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DUI’s and Associated Charges We Accept Clients For Include:

  • Misdemeanor DUI’s VC 23152(a) and VC 23152(b) and 23152(e)
  • Felony DUI’s and Felony DUI with Injury to Others VC 23153
  • Gross Vehicular Manslaughter PC 192
  • Violation of Probation Zero Tolerance VC 23154

DUI-Related Charges

  1. VC 20002 Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  2. PC 148 Resisting, Interfering or Delaying
  3. VC 23572 Child Endangerment Enhancement
  4. PC 273(a) Felony Child Endangerment
  5. VC 23103 Reckless Driving Enhancement
  6. VC 23577 Refusal to Provide a Chemical Test Enhancement
  7. VC 23582 Speeding Enhancement
  • Evidence Suppression Hearings
  • Jury Trials & Court Trials
  • Expungements – Withdrawal of Plea and Finding of Not Guilty of a DUI for employment purposes