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Case Results

Mr. Woolsey, often known as the DUI Guru for his teachings and knowledge of DUI laws and practice and reputation for winning cases, doesn’t accept every client that comes his way. Since 1999, he has represented over 1,000 people.

DUI, single-car rollover accident .14 BAC

Case Dismissed by judge at end of trial!

Client charged with 2nd Offense DUI within 4 years. BAC of .11 by a breath test

Charges reduced to dry reckless!

Breath of .18 with erratic driving, Performed poorly on FST’s and other subjective signs of intoxication.

Negotiated wet reckless!

Breath of .12 after a day of wine tasting in Sonoma County. CHP recorded complete failure of FST’s.

Jury trial. Not guilty!

Jury trial - .08 breath where Cop claimed driver drove over the center lane.

Defense attorney showed the cop not credible. Judge urges city attorney to drop case!

0.18 checkpoint at San Francisco Freeway exit


DUI (blood alcohol 0.16 from urine test)

Jury found client not guilty!

DUI, breath tested a 0.16

Not Guilty!

0.16 two-car accident Hwy 101 along Peninsula

Not Guilty!

DUI accident, .08 blood and positive for marijuana

Not Guilty!

Client charged with DUI after single-car accident. (Blood Alcohol result was .14)

Case Dismissed by Judge at end of trial!

Client charged with DUI Blood Alcohol result was .16 BAC

Hung Jury

Client charged DUI and driving with a suspended license after being stopped by CHP in front of Bryant Street courthouse.

ALL Charges dropped entirely!

Client charged with DUI with a .09 blood test.

Retest showed client’s blood .07 – Case dismissed!