Your DUI Charge Does Not Define You. I take the time to get to know who you are beyond your case. WORK WITH ME

Why Hire Me?

My Law Firm Hotline

– is always open to provide you with responsive, superlative legal advice and representation, any hour of the day, seven days a week! Our initial consultations are complimentary so long as you take the time and effort to complete our extensive interview questionnaire. Only then can we adequately provide you with the competent and thorough guidance that you’ll need in determining how your case will fair in the courts and at the DMV.

I Am Dedicated to Representing People Accused of Driving

– under the influence and I enjoy a reputation throughout California for top-notch trial skills, aggressive plea negotiations, and the full use of motions and procedures designed to level the playing field and protect your U.S. and California Constitutional Rights.

My Law Firm Is Set Apart from Others

– because of a commitment to selectivity choosing the cases and clients that we become involved with, out of a desire to maintain a boutique office that can customize its representation to your individual case. Only through this kind of personal attention can you receive the respect and ingenuity and high caliber representation that wins cases.