Your DUI Charge Does Not Define You. I take the time to get to know who you are beyond your case. WORK WITH ME


Everything Turned out More Favorable than I Prepared for And You Made It All Happen

Everything turned out more favorable than I prepared for and you made it all happen. I just couldn't believe that people actually beat these charges. Everybody I talked to said to just plead this and be over with it, but your courage kept me thinking that I could actually win and we eventually did just that. What a great day when that jury foreman said, "Not Guilty" twice. I felt like O.J. and you seemed just like Johnnie Cochran. I will always appreciate the attention, understanding, and patience you so graciously gave to me every step of the way

-Keida B. San Mateo, CA

I Can't Thank You Enough for All You Have Done in Helping Me

I can't thank you enough for all you have done in helping me through what was one of the most trying and emotional times of my life. When a friend referred me to you I wondered what kind of attorney would take on such a hopeless case. My self-esteem was at its lowest that I can ever remember. As soon as you began dealing with my case, I had the attitude that everything would work out and it did. You are the best at what you do and if I ever get a chance to do anything at all for you it will be my second blessing in life.

-Sue H. Marin County

You Never Once Let a Negative Thought Come Into Our Defense

At first, when I was talking with the Alternative Defender, he said I'd definitely do jail time and that would be the end of my job and forthcoming marriage. When you were recommended to me I couldn't believe you at first when you said not to worry about jail, but to focus on winning. You never once let a negative thought come into our defense and now I understand what the power of positive thinking can do. Well, your experience and powers of persuasion also went a long way to winning as well. I can't wait until I can recommend you to someone else.

-Jan B. Napa County

I Was Impressed

I was impressed with Jon's familiarity with the separate processes involving DMV and the courts and was happy with his handling of both.

He kept his focus on the end result and informing me along the way. It eased my mind that every call and email I sent was handled personally and immediately by Jon.

-Jerry Wendel

Jon Is Everything that A DUI Attorney Should Be

Jon is everything that a DUI attorney should be: knowledgeable, responsive, experienced, and not afraid to stand up for his clients' rights.

I strongly recommend his services if you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

-Dustin Ingraham

Better than I Ever Imagined

Mr. Woolsey did an excellent job for me. Made any involvement on my part totally transparent and unnecessary. Made excellent referrals wrt required activities. Great follow-up, communication.

Overall he did much more than I expected resulting in something much less imposing, costly and restrictive than I expected. The one thing that I learned most of all is the wisdom of sticking with an attorney who specializes.

I recommend Jon Woolsey.


Knowledgeable and Honest

While visiting the Santa Rosa area on vacation I was arrested for a DUI. Once I returned to the Southern California area I contacted Jon. He was knowledgeable and honest and put my fears at ease. He was able to handle all court proceedings without me having to travel back to Santa Rosa and took care of all the D.M.V issues as well.

On top of everything else he was affordable and I was able to make monthly payments. I truly do not know what I would have done if I did not have Jon in my corner every step of the way.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this I would strongly recommend calling Jon Woolsey. The only thing left to say is THANKS JON!


You Turned the Worst Experience of My Life Into the Greatest Victory

You were the most aggressive person I've ever met, but on the other hand, you were also the most compassionate and supportive person I've ever met as well. You were always available to talk and never too busy to meet with me when I felt that I needed the time. You turned the worst experience of my life into the greatest victory I've ever experienced! Thanks, You are truly the DUI Guru!

-Tom T. San Francisco, CA

Worked out An Inconceivable Deal

I was arrested for my second DUI with a .18 blood alcohol content. This was serious and the prospect of jail time was so frightening. I was afraid that I'd lose my job and driver's license. You worked out an inconceivable deal with the District Attorney and I will be forever appreciative of all the help you gave me.

-Joe C. Santa Rosa