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Insurance Basics

The DUI Law Firm of Jon Woolsey wants you to understand all of the ramifications of being charged with driving under the influence and what to expect if you end up being convicted of the charge or cop to a plea that places an alcohol related violation on your driving record. Obviously, insurance companies will vary tremendously by area so we always recommend that you check with your carrier for better understanding your particular case.

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Santa Rosa Police Department Seeks Your Input in Community Survey

The Santa Rosa Police Department is asking for our community members’ help with a recently released survey to gather your thoughts on community safety, satisfaction with the police department, and where we should focus our resources. The Department completed a similar survey in 2012, and used the community’s feedback to help determine whether we were meeting the public’s needs, set strategic planning goals, and identify areas in which we could improve our services.

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When Your License Is Suspended

If you refused the test or were charged with refusing the test you face a possible suspension of your license for one or more years. Likewise, if you submitted to a test which yields a result of .08% or above, you can also be suspended for 4 months to 3 years.

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The Right Attorney

OK, you’ve decided to hire a lawyer! Now, you’re faced with your next major decision-which one should I choose?

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